Website and Logo Redesign

You may have noticed our major website redesign. All accent colors and header background are now the familiar blue previously seen with highlighted buttons and some fonts, which are also a bit larger now.

Additionally, the new official logo, took a lot of iterations before getting near the current state. We finally settled with the one below.



The site now automatically filters comments with advanced software and blacklist tags to avoid showing spam below our posts and pages, which became worse every day, having eight spam comments daily. Post more comments to test this new implementation! If this won’t help the following weeks, we will move to a login-only comment system. (Update: It helped a lot!)

I’m still working on a more mobile-friendly version, as the new logo and featured image screwed things up a little. At least the menu button now moves along the page on mobile devices and the header bar on desktop browsers.

I’d be happy if you would help us by suggesting sensible changes to this design. You can do that in the comments below or better, by using our feedback system! The link can be found in our menu bar.


David Schneider

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